About us


PARTSCOLLECTOR was founded in 1980 by René Richner who, thanks to his experience in the automotive sector, has decided to create what has become a reality for the fans of vintage cars. 

Over the years RR has tried to accommodate the most varied requests. Therefore, the choice of reliable suppliers contributed significantly to achieving the current level of expertise. 
In 2014, an important turning point was to move of the entire warehouse from Novazzano to Morbio Inferiore, which took almost a year to complete. In addition to having rationalized the warehouse, the staff has been progressively increased in the new structure.
The current staff consists of:
- Gino, collaborator who has been able to assert himself and is well accepted by our customers.
- Lorenzo, precious right-hand in carrying out all the work related to warehouse logistics.
- Daniela carries out the administrative service with particular meticulousness.
RR, retired since 2016, a fundamental figure for the company, is now dedicated to his innate passion for vintage cars.
The arrival of the new website in 2018 allows us to be even quicker to deal with requests from our loyal customers.



    viale Serfontana 12
    CH-6834 Morbio Inferiore



Phone: +41 (0)91 647 03 51
Email: info@partscollector.com


Monday to Friday 8.30-12.00/13.30-18.00